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    Finding The Perfect Jumpsuit

    Finding The Perfect Jumpsuit

    I thought I would never find a jumpsuit or romper that would actually fit me and be flattering until I found this one! I don’t exactly have an average body type since my waist is small and my curves are kickin’ (just a little Sir Mix-a-lot for you), which is perfectly fine except for when i’m trying to find something to fit both. When I found this 1. State Jumpsuit on a sale rack at work a couple of months ago I fell in love with it! It has the prettiest print and it highlights my waist while still being flattering on my hips and bottom. The legs are wide and flowy and it’s super comfortable. You can pair it with heels or wedges for a night out or some cute sandals for a more casual day time look. Continue reading…

    Quick & Easy Summer Makeup Routine

    Summer Makeup Favorites

    I don’t like to cake on a ton of makeup during the summer because it’s most likely just going to melt off my face as soon as I step outside (hello humidity). I will usually switch out a lot of my full coverage products for more light weight ones and not use as many powder products. A few of these products I have been using for years and love them and a couple of them I just recently purchased but are quickly becoming some of my favorites. So if you’re like me and you always want to have that, I just got back from a lavish vacation in the Caribbean, look all summer long then definitely check out some of these products! Continue reading…

    Michael Harrison Photography


    Hi Friends! Happy Friday!

    My Dad text me the other day and wanted to do a photo shoot of me for his website he created. He has always had a passion for photography and has been doing it on the side of his full-time job for quite a while now. I just wanted to take the time and give him a shout out for continuing to follow his dream and taking the steps to make it happen. He is still working on creating his website and he just set up his Instagram so if any of my Maryville or Knoxville friends are looking for a photographer go check him out! Love you Dad XO

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